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Super Bowl 2011

Super Bowl 2011:

Last Sunday was one of the biggest nights for television of the year: the Super Bowl. Many fans gathered to watch (and argue) over the Packers and Steelers game. Although I am not a  big football fan, I gather around every year to enjoy the million dollar commercials and half time show as somewhat of a tradition.This year, sadly, was quite a disappointment. Christina Aguilera messing  up the National Anthem was unfortunately the least of my worries. In fact, she did an excellent job compared to other parts of the event.

I personally believe the worst part of this years Super Bowl, was the half time show. The Black Eyed Peas were a major let down. Although Fergie is a loved singer, she did a terrible job live. Her singing did not necessarily sound like singing to me, more like talking. I felt the music was also low quality and did not flow.

My other issue with this years Super Bowl was the commercials. Although there were some great commercials, they were overall now worth the millions of dollars spent on them. I have found that the commercials have seemed to get worse the past few years, and this year further proved that. Some of the commercials I believe were great for the Super Bowl include the E*TRADE Baby commercial which was both cute and funny. I am a big fan of the E*TRADE babies. Eminems Chrysler 200 commercial which used a great mix of both Eminem and Detroit. The commercial flowed and  was relaxed, which I really liked about it. The other commercial I also found worth while was  the VW Darth Vader commercial. It was a cute commercial with the use of a child dressed as Darth Vader where his dad turns the car making him think he has powers. Now unfortunately, comes my list of commercials that should not have been on the Super Bowl. One of the worst was the commercial. It was pointless and a waste of money, I genuinely found no reason for it. The Chevy Cruze Eco commercial with the misunderstanding was somewhat cute, but overall more annoying than anything. This was another one I feel should have been left out of the Super Bowl.  There are many more terrible commercials which were not quite Super Bowl material. I only hope next years Super Bowl comes back much stronger. I hope everyone has learned from this years half time show and commercials because this years was just sad.


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  1. * elisamaura says:

    I like you am not a huge fan of football either, yes I follow it and watch the games but when SuperBowl comes around I tend to focus mainly on performances and commercials. I agree with the fact that while Christina Aquilera may have messed up the National Anthem, her voice still sounded amazing compared to the half time show that Black Eyed Peas put on. I’ve seen the BEP before in concert and yes, they sounded just as off as they did on the SuperBowl. I will say though that BEP are great performers and can put on a very visual show, I jsut wish the quality of sound would have been a little better as well. Overall, commercials were a disappointment for me as well and it seemed as though this year I was not really captivated by any….hopefully next year is different!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago
  2. * slenorak says:

    Chelsea, I completely agree with you. I am also not an avid football fan, so I watch the super bowl strictly for the commercials. For the last few years I have felt that the quality of the commercials has been steadily decreasing. I was amused by some of the commercials, for example both of the Doritos commercials, but on the other hand was disappointed by the vast variety of car commercials that seemed to dominate the commercial time this year. Besides the disappointment with the lack of entertaining commercials, I was even more disappointed when it came to the Black Eyed Peas performance. I mean pay me some big bucks to dance around and sing, I truly believe I could have done better.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago

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